Sunday, 6 October 2013

EGL lib files for Samsung Galaxy Y!!

If you are an Android Maniac you might have tried a lot to play Temple Run and other games in your little SGY! But the sad fact is it cannot be played! :(

It has been found that some Cyanogen based roms are able to play some games better than other roms! As you might know this is due to the unique library files of Cyanogen! If we replace the Stock lib files with those of Cyanogen you might be able to play a lot of new games! ;) Dont expect Temple Run to run perfectly! It will just run smoothly with other known bugs!

So lets do it!


1. Rooted Galaxy Y

2. Root explorer or any other File browser with root access!

3. Cyanogen lib files by Yusepz

4. Chainfire 3D with plugins! Extract the plugins zip too!


| Cyanogen lib files | Root Explorer | Chainfire3D with plugins|


1.Install Chainfire3D! While installing make sure you select Explerimental EGL! After Installing your phone will restart! After restart go to the app and select 'Install Plugins/shaders'! And install the three Nvidia, Qualcomm , PowerVR!

2. Now extract the lib files by Yusepz! Open Root Explorer ( or any other of your choice! ) and go to /System/lib/egl and copy the file/files and paste anywhere in your sd card!

3. Open the extracted folder and go to cm7 lib by Yusepz/system/lib/egl and copy all the files to system/lib/egl/*here*

4. Reboot your phone!

5. Now try any game and set the chainfire settings! See if it works! We will give a tutorial on GTA 3 on Galaxy Y by these steps!

Works on all roms including stock rom! Cyanogen roms doesnt need this as they have the same lib files which we are going to replace by! ;)

Note: Some armv7 to armv6 ported games maynot work after this!
We are not responsible for any loss of data or bricked phones! Just follow instructions a bit careful and dont end up in the middle!

Comment here for any doubts! If any other game worked mention in comments to help others!

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  1. Does it works galaxy pocket duos

  2. AkshayandNandeesh28 March 2014 at 03:08

    no,only for galaxy y! :(



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