Tuesday, 29 January 2013

What is rooting?

A word you heard oftenly from android users. Rooting refers to obtaining super user profits from your phone. U can totally customize your phone, change your rom (its like changing your build version of your android by installing a file developed by some developers), overclocking (increasing cpu frequency) & underclocking (decreasing cpu frequency), play games usually not supported for your phones and much more!!
Caution!!: Rooting immediately voids your warranty and we are not responsible what happens to your phone!!!
But i suggest you to root your phone so that you can enjoy the openess of android OS!!

Akshay n Nandeesh

They are two aspiring Android freaks residing in Kundapur, Karnataka, India! Being best friends and cricket maniacs they love sharing some entertaining news and gossips! Currently they are pursuing their studies and are addicted towards blogging! Moreover they are associates of an NGO named 'People-The Vision' which works for social causes and serves the needy.


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