Friday, 24 May 2013

Overclock Galaxy Y to 900mhz easily!!!

Yea!! You can use your Galaxy Y at 900mhz frequency!!

Galaxy Y comes with a processor of 832mhz frequency! It shows a lot of lags for the new games and gets stuck lot of times!! Force close and many!! But through Overclocking you can minimize it but it cannot be nullified!!

For those who don't know what is OVERCLOCKING, Wikipedia says this;

"Overclocking is the process of
making a computer or component
operate faster than the clock
frequency specified by the
manufacturer by modifying system
parameters. One of the most
important techniques is running at a
higher clock rate (more clock cycles
per second; hence the name
"overclocking"), but other
parameters, such as CPU multiplier
and memory timings, can also be
changed and would be considered to
be overclocking. Operating voltages
may also be changed (increased),
which can increase the speed at
which operation remains stable.
Most overclocking techniques
increase power consumption,
generating more heat, which must
be dispersed if the chip is to remain

By this the games will have less lags and the phone will be a bit fast!!

I am adding a screenshot of my mobile for the proof!!

Now for the steps & instructions!!

We are not responsible for any damage or loss! You are liable for the loss and not us!!

What you need??

1.A Rooted Device

2.Overclock zip file (get it here

3.CPU master or Set CPU (get it from playstore or here

4.CWM if you dont have!!


1. Download the required files and place it in root of sd card! Not in any folder!!

2.Switch off the phone and go to recovery mode by holding volume up+power+home button simultaneosly!!

3. Now go to install zip from sd

4. Locate CWM and open it!!

5. Now go to install zip from sd

6. Choose zip from sd

7. Locate and chose the zip file!! Click install!

8. Reboot your phone!

9. Install CPU master and open it!!

10. Select scaling as PERFORMANCE!!
And extend the bar to 900mhz and apply!!

Thats it!!!! Enjoy!!
Alternate method if the above method is not WORKING!! 1. Download the file and place in root 2. Goto recovery mode > clear data then clear cache 3. Go to install from zip 4. Locate the overclock file and install it!! 5. Download CPU master and select performance. Extend bar to 900mhz!!
Note: You might find your battery draining faster after this!! So lower the frequency when you are not using the device for gaming and multitasking!!

If you have any doubts please comment!!

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  1. m on hyperion i installed it but nothing happened

    1. Updated an alternative method! Try using that! Are you using savie kernel?

  2. i overclocked my gxy y to 900 mhz but i want to make it 832 mhz back.give any sollution.

    1. You cant! :O overclock can be removed only through formatting through recovrery of changing roms!

  3. friend my rom is almost full how can i flash this file..?
    plzzz reply fast either mail me

    1. Storage is not at all related to overclock! Just follow steps and flash!

      Sorry for so late reply! :-(

  4. the overclock zip isnt worling properly

    1. This is the file through which i overclocked! Try again!

  5. plzzzzz provide a working file

  6. if you have the overclock file plz mail it on

  7. 1. will overclocking format my sdcard and apps installed in it. if so then how can i restore them all so that it doesn't suffer data loss..
    2. will overclocking also affect the performance of my phone?

    i m using samsung galaxy y s5360 i have installed so many apps and i don't wanna loose their data
    so plz help me ....

    1. 1. If you format the alternative method it will format your phone!
      2. Sadly it will affect your battery life! :O

  8. After doing dis my galaxy y is nt geting on, its just showing "Samsung Galaxy y". what to do nw?

  9. my sgy 900mhz so speedy thanks

  10. can we do 1.5ghz?

  11. Try the OC 1.2 mhz u can play inotia 4.

  12. what are the advantages 900MHz on galaxy y???

  13. Himanshu Panchal2 July 2014 at 03:44

    lost my network after overclocking my sgy!!! Had to flash stock rom again via odin to get back the network!!



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