Monday, 12 May 2014

Sorry for the Delay! Loads of new things to come!

As we were having our exams which was damn important to us, we were not able to post in this blog. But now all exams are completed and we will resume our work! And yeah we have loads of new things to tell you guys! *We now will post & support many more Samsung phones & probably other brands too in near future! Wht i can tell you is that we are now goos with phones ranging from our beloved Galaxy Y to some high end phones like Galaxy S2! :) *One more big news is that Broadcomm has turned opensource & has provided the essential Drivers required for compiling higher Android updates & AOSP roms! A dev of Galaxy Ace, Bieltv3 is currently working on CM9 ( android 4.0.4 ICS) *Whats more? Now you can ask us questions about your phone & we will reach to you as fast as we can! :) People around Kundapur can also meet us about the same! :) We know that Our phone is now too old & Samsung has stopped releasing updates & manufacturing. Many might have sold their SGY and bought other phones! But i can guarantee you there are only a few phones which have lot of custom roms, theming which includes Galaxy Y! So keep tuned as we will post more for a couple of days! You can follow us through Google+ or Facebook or Twitter! Thanks for your co-operation! Keep supporting us!! :)

Akshay n Nandeesh

They are two aspiring Android freaks residing in Kundapur, Karnataka, India! Being best friends and cricket maniacs they love sharing some entertaining news and gossips! Currently they are pursuing their studies and are addicted towards blogging! Moreover they are associates of an NGO named 'People-The Vision' which works for social causes and serves the needy.


  1. Sammy Balaguer Adames Tejeda5 January 2015 at 23:56

    its all alright as long as you use bluetooth transmitter! hahaha



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